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Altro Limited

Altro based in Hertfordshire is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of interior surfaces, resin systems, flooring and wall cladding, founded in the UK in 1919.

Client Reference

Enterprise Support Services have been cleaning our Global Head Quarters for three years.  Before Enterprise took the contract over I was receiving complaints from the employees of Altro everyday for the poor cleanliness of the site including offices, toilets, floors and shop floor areas.

Since Enterprise have taken over and been given the contract I have had excellent feedback ranging from Directors of our business to administrators on the improvements in all the above areas.  Enterprise have worked extremely hard on coaching and managing the cleaning staff and I would say deliver 'World Class' customer interaction to ensure every area of the business needs are met.

We are a manufacturer of safety flooring and our floors need to be clean, as this is our selling point to our external customers who visit daily.  Enterprise ensures this level of standard is maintained on a daily basis.  The response time if and when I receive a complaint is brilliant, I cannot fault it.  I can say that when there is a complaint, most times, it is the fault of an Altro employee and NOT the cleaning team.

I look forward to another year working in partnership with everyone at Enterprise.

Manufacturing Leader 

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