Community Projects

Genesis Joint Planting Project

New Hendon Village Gardening Club


Enterprise Support Services is a company, very mindful of its Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)- giving back to the community we serve. The reputation of Enterprise, the confidence of our clients and above all the stakeholders ie. Residence are among the most important resources.  


In order to fulfil our CSR on our Genesis contract, we made a true commitment to the cause by allowing our employees to take a paid time off for volunteering at a gardening project in corroboration with Genesis Housing. We believe in self-sufficient and if we can teach people how to make their own food or learn the techniques of making it, this can only be a good thing.


We believe we have a Social responsibilities to promote and provide opportunities that will reflect our involvement in the local communities in which we operate. Part of our strategies is to provide training, engage with the communities and provide local employment within the areas we work.


The 19th August saw the launch of the New Hendon Village (NHV) gardening club supported by the New Hendon Village residents association in corroboration with Enterprise Support Services. . Bianca Richards led a team of staff from Genesis and Hayo Fatai led Enterprise Gardening Team in the clearing and planting of flowers and vegetables within one of NHV car parks which we felt could be better maximise. With tools and training provided by Enterprise, Genesis purchased some bulbs and plants. The team then laid the new soil, created some raised vegetable beds and did some planting. Having planted colourful flowers, tangerine plants and vegetables including tomatoes, cauliflower and carrots, we hope for some rain and a successful crop.

The overall turnout was less than expected. However, we anticipate that due to the success of its launching, it will attract more residents in our next gardening club meeting and we are looking forward to roll it out to the other Genesis Schemes.

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