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A major factor in how we retain satisfied clients is our approach to contracts. We aim to maximise efficiency, through effective monitoring and management, with minimal supervision, allowing clients to focus on their core business. Best value service is provided through:

  • Quality - Since 1994 our quality management system has been assessed and registered against the standards of ISO 9001. We carry out regular site inspections to ensure quality control and health & safety are kept to the highest standards. Download PDF
  • Health & Safety - All our employees are trained in health & safety before starting any task. Risk assessments and method statements are produced before starting a contract. Our health & safety policies and procedures are accredited to the CHAS scheme. Download PDF
  • Training - We believe training is a key factor in providing a high standard of service to our clients. We offer a wide range of training courses for all staff both in-house and with specialist partner organisations. Download PDF
  • Environment - We have a clearly defined policy and operational procedures which reduce any environmental impact. Our procurement procedures minimise waste, implement recycling schemes, and identify sustainable resources. Download PDF
  • Equal Opportunities - We have strict policies and procedures for equality, which are communicated to all staff both verbally and written. These are implemented by managers but involve all employees to uphold them and be aware of our corporate responsibilities. Download PDF


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